2018 Winners announced!

We are happy to announce the winners of our 2018 Writing 150 Contest. Thank you all for your interest, support, and talent!

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Narrative Winners:

1st Place, Emily Baer, The Ocean’s Magic, Lisa Johnson

2nd Place, Miranda Lim, Mark One Only, Erika Price

Honorable Mention, Jennifer Bassett, The-miracle-I-Needed, Erika Price

Opinion Editorial Winners:

1st Place: Abbigail Slade, A Rallying Cry to Change the Statistics, Heather Randle

2nd Place: Rebecca Haymore, Racial Representation in LDS Art, Lindsay Owens

3rd Place: Lauren Hemmert, Hope for Healing, Mari Murdock

Analysis Winners:

1st Place, Niels Turley, The Fire and Fury We Forget, Erika Price

2nd Place, Christian Price, Christ in Common, Erika Price

3rd Place, Jefferson Jensen, A Letter from Birmingham Jail to You, Lisa Johnson

Honorable Mention: Caleb Michael Litster, The Mark of the Beast; Sentence Structure and Imagery in ‘A Sin’ by Brian Doyle, Erika Pratt

Honorable Mention:  Miranda Lim, Political and Nuclear Fallout, Erika Price

Special Mention: Emmalee Adams, The Vanishing Night; Running from Light, Laurie Denning

Research Winners:

1st Place: Collin Beus, Blood and Ash: The Battle of Iwo Jima, Debbie Harrison

2nd Place: Grant Baldwin, Removing Racism or Erasing History? Justin Duckwitz

3rd Place: Sofia Schofield. Pleasure Reading and College Performance, Lisa Johnson

Honorable Mention: Sara Garrett, Defining a Nation: The Impact of Hamilton; An American Musical, Candace Stratford

Honorable Mention: Anne Parsons, Reclaiming Life;The Post WWII Experience of Displaced Jews, Debbie Harrison

Special Mention for Excellence: Gracie Nicholas, University Safe Space: Brick Walls or Break throughs? Kelsey Smith

Special Mention for Excellence: Grace Gwin, Confused Neurons; The Effects of Dyslexia on Children, Erika Price