Personal Narrative

8:01 P.M. The crisp autumn day begins to fade into a spectacular sunset. The west shines brilliantly bathed in scarlet
Jennifer Bassett О Это Чудо Для Меня You could probably say I have high standards for myself. My mom, at
Miranda Lim I raised my hand and made eye contact with one of the proctors. She strode over and nodded,
Emily Baer There was a time when I believed in magic. I saw it in the trees, in the shirring
Kathryn Brewerton I’m going to tell you a secret, but you must promise not to tell. This is a secret
Alexandria Preston Five bodies, and you make six. The crumpled forms lay atop icy metal tables, suffocating under thin, white
Emily Maynes “Now as we begin, just take a moment to get comfortable and then, when you’re ready, start off
Makayla Beitler “Well, one day, when you’re smart enough to be invited to a summer program at Oxford, you can

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