2017 Contest Finalists

We had an amazing group of submissions this year, both in quality and in quantity. Almost 400 entries were submitted for consideration to our contest. The feedback from the judges has been fantastic. A select group of finalists will read at the 2017 English Symposium finalists panel, 9:30 am on March 1st in the Education in Zion theater, B-192 JFSB. Winners will be announced during the panel. Thank you for your hard work.


2017 Writing 150 contest finalists:




Digging up Roots, Randi Saito,

Embers, Kathryn Brewerton,

Falling for You, Jackson Switzer,

Moses of West Memphis, Eli Phillips,

Polaroids, Alexandria Preston,

Three Stripes, Matthew Mccord,

Looking In, Andrew Sessions,

Struggling to Find Peace, Hannah Waite,

On Old Pictures and Present Observations, Dallin Mclean,

I am Night, Taylor Varney,

Saturdays, Amy Robinson,

P.E., Nicole Nelson,

Making it to the Tree, Jessica Hamblin,

Body Scan, Emily Maynes,

Restoration with an R, Tanner Ferguson,

Hero to Zero, Nathan Evans,

The Qualities of Algae, Caroline Bressler,

Writing in Pen, Makayla Beitler,

One-Handed Problems, Leisel Allen,


Opinion Editorial:


Developing Doubts: Why Millenials are deserting the GOP, Braden Webb,

Holding Back our Horses, Kyle Davis,

Headphone Wires and Marionette Strings, Alexandria Preston,

The Nutcracker is Male, Harriet Norcross,

OK mom, It’s Time for my Flu Shot, Matthew Teynor,

On the Regulation of 3-d printed Firearms, Braden Webb,

Social Media, Social?, Emily Hales,

Dressing with the Stars, Natalie Herbst,

Planned Parenthood, Haley Smalley,

Unjustly Accused,  Dallin Mclean,

My Quest for Galactic Order, George Gonzalez,

Stop the Mustache Movement, Joe Droge,

Se habla Espanol, Rieley Hoyt,

The Tyrant of the 21st Century, Ashley Young,

A Place of Refuge,

Is this going to be on the Test?, Jesse Williams,

Breastfeeding: Stigmas Latched to Nursing in Public, Savannah Sellers,

The Body-Mind Connection, Todd Bowers,

The Study of the Past is Our Future, Megan Mcconnell,

We Do Belong, Melanie Klimes,




Choral Singing as Medical Prescription, Natalie Leishman,

Camp to Campus: Online Higher Education for Syrian Refugees, Emylee Jenson,

On the regulation of 3-d Printed Firearms. Braden Webb,

An Inconvenient Label: Why GMO’s should Remain Unmarked, Dallin Mcclean,

Common Core State Standards: For the common good or the common failure? Makayla Beitler,

You Can’t Replace a Steel Drivin’ Man: George Gonzalaz,

Reconciling Conflicting Data and Opinions Concerning Illegal Immigration, Alec, Dunnaway,

Addressing the Adoption Stigma, Julia Hecht,

The Influence of the Internet in the Business World Today, Stefan Bradley,

Video Games, Another Medium for art,

Helping Salt Lake City Refugees, Nicole Pederson,

Food for Thought: a review of genetically modified food, John Newton,

Making #Blacklivesmatter Matter, Connor Paulson,

All Races Can Work Together for Good: The Potential of Accepting Multiethnicity,

It’s Not Rape If You Pay for It—The Privilege of a Fraternity Pledge, Alexandria Preston,

On the Road to Eliminating Traffic Accidents:, Ben Spencer,

Religious Communities and Personal Health, Maren Gordon,

Universalism in Healthcare: America’s Tentative Steps towards Equity, Holden D’evegnee,

Sweets and Grease: The Plague of Children’s Television Food Advertising, Arielle Eberting,

“You’re in America Now, We Speak English”: The Harm of English Dominance, Melanie Klimes,

The Role of Friends and Family in Preventing Suicide, Jackson Switzer,

Special Lives: A Deeper Look at Preparation for Disabled in the Workplace, Camille English,




Image of a Modern Movement: Letter from Birmingham Jail, Ethan McGinty,

Fight Like A Girl: Support Always,    Makayla Beitler ,

Why I’m not a Vegetarian, From a Qualified Professional, Evan Sharp,

Look to Your Children, Look to Yourselves, Elizabeth Hutchison,

Reconnect with Reality, Kalissa Nielsen,

Clinton’s Concession, Spencer Fields,

Time: It’s Your Choice, Stephen Gagnon,

“Dawn and Mary”: Doyle Sheds Mourning Light on Sandy Hook Heroes, Cianna Alano,

Only Two Views Face the Facts, Eli Phillips,

“I’ve Been to the Mountaintop:” A Call to Persevere Forward, Brooke English,

Raising Stereotypically Successful Kids: Anecdote, Irony, Comparison, Contrast, and

Authority in Amy Chua’s “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior”, Maren Gordon,

“Songs Sung and Unsung”: A Concerto of Hope, Holden D’Evegnee,  

Roman Holiday: Exploring the Fashion of a Princess Gone Rogue, Harriet Norcross,

The Salvation of Water, Jessica Anderson,

The Refining Fire of Forgiveness, Jacob Anderson,

McCarthy Takes on the Vietnam War, Danielle Kemp

When War is Justified, Jacob Bartschi,

The Big Leap; Rhetoric in Lacoste’s Advertising Campaign, John Newton