Finalists Announced!

We are happy to announce our 2018 contest finalists. Mark your calendar and come hear a selection of our finalists read at the English Symposium on March 1, from 10-12 in the Education in Zion Auditorium, in the JFSB.

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Sarah Burgess, Cow Eyes, Katie Palfreyman,

Kennedy Cribbs, Endless Dawn, Erika Price,

Miranda Lim, Mark One Only, Erika Price,

Anne Parsons, The Naked Truth, Debbie Harrison,

Niels Turley, Willing, Erika Price,

Cierra Brooksby, Until I Fall, Erika Price,

Mitchell England, Never Dry, Meg McManama,

Amanda Miller, Eres Especial para Mi, Erika Price,

Madeleine Anderson, Burn After Reading, Lisa Johnson,

Ken Francis, Rinse and Repeat, Erika Price,

Sarah Burgess, Small Talk, Katie Palfreyman,

Maren Davis, Sole-Full Change, Erika Price,

Jennifer Bassett, The-miracle-I-Needed, Erika Price,

Emily Baer, The Ocean’s Magic, Lisa Johnson,

Elizabeth Hellewell, Perfect, Debbie Harrison,

Opinion Editorial:

Abbigail Slade, A Rallying Cry to Change the Statistics, Heather Randle,

LeeAnn Broderick, Containing “Christmas”, Mari Murdock,

Daniel Reese, A World Without Plastic Bags, Brian Jackson,

Rebecca Haymore, Racial Representation in LDS Art, Lindsay Owens,

Brigg Trendler, More Than a Game, Laura Denning,

Lauren Hemmert, Hope for Healing, Mari Murdock,

Mallory Robison, FIght Bots and Save Your Spots,

Kaylee Smedley, More than Sidekicks and Beauty Queens, Emily Furner,

Cole Bikham, Finding the Honor to set aside Video Games, Mari Murdock,

Angela Mamani, Culture Shock, Laurie Denning,

Whitney Woodland, Let us be Intentional, Mari Murdock,

Daniel Stodtmeister, One Nation, Under God, Passionately Divided, Katie Bullock,

Jordan Tempest, Teacher’s Small Pay creating a Big Problem, Jon Ostensen,

Claire Keller, Pride Against Prejudice, Owning our Sobriety, Katie Palfreyman,

Megan White, Long Showers, Long Term Effects, Laurie Denning,  

Jonathan Muirhead, The Gay PDA, Jason Godfrey,

Hannah Plothow, Star Wars, A Culture Worth Saving, Brian Jackson,

Carrie C, Missionaries, What’s the Rush, Allison Hymas,

Rhetorical Analysis:

Nathaniel Harris, Beyond the Finish Line, Erika Price,

Christian Price, Christ in Common, Erika Price,

Jefferson Jensen, A Letter from Birmingham Jail to You, Lisa Johnson,

Maren Ferris, Passing the Torch, Morgan Lewis,

Niels Turley, Nativity by Brian Kershnik, More than a Story, Erika Price,

Miranda Lim, Political and Nuclear Fallout, Erika Price,

Alexandra Voorhies, Rhetoric and Wrongdoing in Brian Doyle’s ‘A Sin,’ Erika Pratt,

Hailey Buhler, Remembrance, Debbie Harrison,

Annika King, Rhetoric on the Right to Bear Arms, Lisa Johnson,

Kaylee Smedley, A Call to Action; Kennedy’s Goals and Expectations for America, Emily Furmer,

Emmalee Adams, The Vanishing Night; Running from Light, Laurie Denning,

Madeleine Anderson, Rhetorical Devices in Winston Churchill’s “ We Fight on Beaches,” Lisa Johnson,

Niels Turley, The Fire and Fury We Forget, Erika Price,

Jeff Curtis, Death with Dignity Doublethink, Jonathon Garcia,

AnneMerie Jenson, King of Audience, Drew Chandler,

Caleb Michael Litster, The Mark of the Beast; Sentence Structure and Imagery in ‘A Sin’ by Brian Doyle, Erika Pratt,

Riley Larson, An Online Solution to Unschooling, Kelsey Smith

Rebecca Kneiting, We are all Sometimes like “A Broken Vessel,”  Rudd

Brooke James, The Right to Write; An Analysis of Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, Joseph Fisher,

Curtis Larsen, What Chinese Mothers Fail to Understand, Brian Jackson


Anne Parsons, Reclaiming Life;The Post WWII Experience of Displaced Jews, Debbie Harrison,

Prestin Henze, Are Tests like the ACT and SAT Destroying the Future of our Youth? Heather Randall,

Dalton Bourne, Porno or Porn-No? Jon Ostenson,

Gracie Nicholas, University Safe Space: Brick Walls or Break throughs? Kelsey Smith,

Grace Gwin, Confused Neurons; The Effects of Dyslexia on Children, Erika Price

Andrew Allen, Back to our Futures: ACT and SAT scores should not be limited by Socioeconomic Status, Jon Ostenson

Annie Hutton, Helping our Refugee Brothers and Sisters, Chris Althoff

Mitchell England, Cloning Products or Identities, Meg Mcmanama

Kenneth Rooks, Forest Fires, Does Logging Help? Laurie Denning

Collin Beus, Blood and Ash: The Battle of Iwo Jima, Debbie Harrison

Riley Larson, Lost in the Crowd and Stuck in their Head, Kelsey Smith

Taggart Nakamoto, Hellfire or High Water:The Right Way to Defeat Japan in WWII, Debbie Harrison,

Sofia Schofield. Pleasure Reading and College Performance, Lisa Johnson

Grant Baldwin, Removing Racism or Erasing History? Justin Duckwitz

Sara Garrett, Defining a Nation: The Impact of Hamilton; An American Musical, Candace Stratford,

Thomas Klingonsmith, Fairness to All: Autonomous Cars and Ethical Decisions, Erica Pratt

Brooke James, Mandated Man: Sexist Language in English as it Affects Americans Worldview, Joseph Fisher

Macey Conrad, Stepping Stones to Genocide, Debbie Harrison

Joel Goeckeritz, The Modern Space Race, Erika Price

Nicole Remund, Turtles Drew the Short Straw, Ariel Hubbard

Cassey Cha, We’re All A Little Bit Racist: The Need to Recognize Our Implicit Biases, Katie Palfreyman