You is Kind. You is Smart. You is Important.-Camille Masino

Standing in the dark, with my heart beating fast, I listen to the beautiful Tchaikovsky Waltz of the Snow music starting to play, and I begin to get the butterflies in my stomach. I check to make sure my hair is perfectly slicked back into a bun, my beautiful white sparkly tutu is all hooked up and secured, and I check if my pointe shoe ribbons are all tucked in ready to go. I hear my cue to go on to stage, and for the next 8 minutes I am the beautiful snow queen in the Nutcracker guiding the beautiful snow flurry dancers to dance around the stage with me, just like how we have been rehearsing for the past 4 months. I do my last jump in perfect splits in the air, and I nail the landing. The audience roars with applause and the big heavy curtains closes. This was a dream come true for me to dance as the snow queen in my company’s production of the Nutcracker.  

I just described a brief moment in my life, which probably made the reader hooked to the story that I was sharing. We all love to learn more about others, and we all have great experiences to share. Everyone in this life is on a journey, and that journey consists of many emotions, such as: loss, happiness, excitement, loneliness, accomplishments, and many more. I believe we are all born with greatness, therefore we all have many important things to say that could help others on their own personal story. When we talk about our personal stories in our writing it helps the reader have a stronger sense that you have something important to say. When someone shares their own personal journey, the audience tends to pause at whatever they are doing in their life, and listen.

We want our readers to listen. So many times I had teachers assign a paper where we had to share a life event that changed us. To me this assignment was so easy because starting at a young age I had many major events in my life I could write about. However for my sister, she hated these assignments because she felt like she never had any life events to write about and that she wasn’t important. But some of her best pieces of writing she has done is when she picked a small moment in her life and wrote about what happened and how it influenced her. From these assignments she learned that she is important, that she does have life events to share, and that readers want to hear her voice and her story. We are all important. We need to be reminded that our life is important because it is shaping us into the person that we are today.

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