Write to Finish the Story- Kasey Bunker

Follow Your Dreams

I’m currently running through the thick woods. My legs and arms are scraped from the branches hanging out over the almost nonexistent path.  My toe is throbbing from the amount of times I have stubbed it on a log blocking my way. My heart is pounding and I am running from something. I break through the trees into an opening in the woods. The light blinds me as I survey my surroundings. I hear footsteps behind me and pull out the necklace I know that they are looking for. I bury the necklace and just finish lowering the rock when two men break through the trees into the clearing. I suddenly feel a prick in my neck and realize I have been hit with a stun dart. As soon as I hit the ground, I jolt awake and a wave of relief with a hint of disappointment rushes over me as I realize it was all just a dream, but that I’ll never know why the necklace was so special.

If I ever have the thought cross my mind that I have no imagination or creativity, a dream like this does an excellent job of combating that.

One of the biggest motivators for me to sit down and write is the desire to record my dreams and maybe even continue the story. It’s as if my brain has already graciously given me half of a story and all I have to do is wrap it and nicely tie a bow on top. Using your dreams to write opens up so many more possibilities.

Try keeping a dream journal and every morning waking up and quickly jotting down your dream. This will help you better remember what crazy adventures you experienced throughout the night.

Later when you sit down to write, open up your dream journal and use one of them for a prompt.

Write to finish the story. Write to describe exactly what happened in dramatic detail.

Write to interpret. Before you know it you could be writing about your exposed fears and desires.What really matters to you.

Who knows? Maybe you will discover something new about yourself that you didn’t know before.

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