Dreams of Straw-Kelly Strang

Girl in thought

    Dreams have a way of creeping up on us. Unexpected. Unsolicited. Unreasonable. Unpredictable. Unwanted. But these are nightdreams, daydreams, dreams for sleep.

Isn’t it interesting that we use that same word, dream, to describe our deepest, personal, raw wishes and desires? Those things that we want most, coupled and juxtaposed with those things we often resent and despise and detest and fear.

Night dreams can be sweet, but they are fleeting, and flutter from our groggy minds, out the window and far far away. They don’t last unless they are unpleasant. In this case, they root into our minds. Poisonous plants eating away at our real dreams, those things that we long for.

Our true dreams take work.

They take deliberate action, which may be why our night dreams escape us. There is no possible way to make them real. No amount of work or wishing will make them tangible, but the reason nightmares stick like tar in our brains is because the thought of making these dreams a reality scares us more than we care to admit.

Writing, is for me a dream. Ideas dance and flutter in and out of thought, taunting me with their masqued greatness, and turning from gold into a pile of dust the moment I try to spin them into something worthwhile.

Truly great ideas need to be spun, like straw into gold. It takes time and effort to string these straw like ideas into cohesive thoughts. It takes refinement to burn away the excess, those things that crowd the good. Leaving these ideas to fester too long without the tender care of a master’s weathered hands will result in a useless, tangled pile of rotting straw.

These golden dreams require malleability and flexibility in order to spin out something beautiful. Often times, molten ideas take a mind of their own and craft themselves, through the hands and care of a master, into something unexpected and sweet.

Craft your straw into gold.

Identify your dreams and make them real.

Through the course of our experience, our straw may become something unexpected, a beautiful masterpiece we didn’t have the capacity to dream up on our own. You may have lamented “if I only had a brain” during your writing process in the past, but as you utilize the time necessary to make this happen, you will realize you have a treasure waiting to be transformed inside of you.

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