2017 Winners

Opinion Editorial Winners:

Image result for sad headphone

Marionette Strings and Headphone Nooses, Alexandria Preston

Image result for gmo labeling

Unjustly Accused: Why a GMO Label Should Not Have Been Legislated- Dallin Mclean

Image result for GOP

Developing Doubts: Why American Millennials are Deserting the GOP- Braden Webb


Rhetorical Analysis Winners:

Image result for Flag

McCarthy Takes on the Vietnam War- Danielle Kemp


Image result for water image

The Salvation of Water-Jessica Anderson


Image result for Letter from Birmingham Jail image

Image of a Modern Movement: Dr. King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail- Ethan McGinty


Image result for children image

Honorable Mention: Look to Your Children, Look to Yourselves-Elizabeth Hutchison


Research Winners:

Image result for Traffic


On the Road to Eliminating Traffic Accidents: Examining the Potential of Autonomous Vehicles-Ben Spencer


Image result for 3-d printing


On the Regulation of 3-D Printed Firearms- Braden Webb


Related image


Sweets and Grease: The Plague of Children’s Food Advertising-Arielle Eberting


Image result for GMO

Honorable Mention: GMOs: Hazard or Benefit to the Environment- Hannah Clark

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